TWA Hotel Review: What its like to stay at the TWA Hotel at JFK

Staying at the TWA Hotel, A Personal Review

Gavin and I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Mallorca Spain to celebrate his birthday, but the journey home had some unexpected twists and turns. Multiple canceled flights and missed connections ended up rerouting us through NY for a night layover, and we found ourselves at the classic JFK hotel and I wanted to share our TWA Hotel Review as an insiders look into our stay. This blast from the past architectural masterpiece was just the fun Lil spot we needed to cheer up our travel blues!

TWA Hotel Review

TWA Hotel Review: Simple Check In & Accessibility For The Win!

We arrived late into JFK from London, jet-lagged and comatose. One of the very best things about this hotel is that it is right across from the terminal. No cab, uber, or shuttle to get here, just roll those bags right across the crosswalk and into the front door!

twa hotel

The check-in process was a breeze, with an automated self-check-in kiosk. It literally took 2 minutes and we were on our way to our room. On our way through the enormous expansive lobby, I noted a cute little mod bar, the perfect place to get your dirty martini straight up, with the view of the vintage TWA plane lovingly named Connie, right outside the window. The motif was mod 60’s meets the Jetsons clad in red and white. Very charming!

twa JFK hotel
Does the TWA Hotel have a bar?

A Glimpse Into the Decor – Modern & Simple – TWA Hotel Review

Our room was simple but cool. Everything was super clean and new. The much-needed shower after 16 hours of flying was delightful, and the bed was comfy for our quick nights sleep. Off the bed we went.

TWA hotel room
review TWA JFK

Then the alarm goes off for our early morning flight. Well, our TWA Hotel Review was fast I thought, rubbing my swollen eyes. At least my few hours, although short, were a good solid deep sleep.

Quick Breakfast At The JFK Hotel – A Quick Review & A Delightful Visit

We went downstairs at 6am and grabbed breakfast at their food counters in the lobby. They had an Intelligencia Coffee Bar, a proper NY Bagel kiosk, a crepe place, and a few others as well. It reminded me a little bit of the food vendor stations in Grand Central Station, the days were I used to take the Metro-North in and out of the city.

Although our quick night’s stay didn’t afford us time to take in all the amenities I must note that this unique hotel is also equipped with a superb gym included a Pendleton room and an infinity rooftop pool! Next time I’ll make sure we have a few more hours to explore!

On the way out to the terminal we stopped for a quick photo opp in front of beautiful Connie, to document that we had even ever been there. I know the memories of our super brief stay at the TWA Hotel will be hazy due to our travel coma, but that seems to kind of suit the time warp vibes of the TWA hotel….kinda like “it was all a time traveler’s dream.”

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