Soho New York City: Best Secret Soho Spots

Gavin and I recently returned from a quick weekend getaway to an old stomping ground of mine – NYC! Although it was fast and furious, G and I managed to discover some epic spots in Soho New York City for amazing food, delicious cocktails, and iconic sites and we are excited to share them with you!

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Soho New York City – Flight & Hotel Details

Now before I get into all the good big city stuff I can’t gloss over the journey from LAX to NYC. Gavin and I flew JetBlue Mint, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to fly their MINT class yet, you are surely missing out. I’ve always loved JetBlue for their blue-hued snacks (the blue potato chips are my fav!) and exceptionally friendly flight staff but now that they have a MINT class, they officially are my favorite airline. What can be better than fully reclining in your seat while sipping pinot on your way to Soho NY? Nope, not much!

Once G and I landed in NY we headed into the city and checked into ModernHaus on Grand in Soho. This new boutique hotel has a chic hip modern vibe and a pool on the rooftop with breathtaking views of downtown. Our room was well-appointed, had a super comfy bed, and was quite spacious for a Manhattan hotel. And best of all the location was prime.

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First on our list was hit the High Line in the Meatpacking District and see the Vessel, a striking bronze geometric masterpiece spanning several stories high.

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The summer sun was shining bright and strong as we strolled hand in hand down the High Line, which is one of my favorite spots in the big city. The High Line once was a railway bed that was renovated into a beautiful botanical park, with dense flora as far as you can see, perfect inspiration for this botanical artist! I always love getting ideas for my next MOSS ART design on the go and in places, I wouldn’t expect it! 

Why I love the High Line In Soho New York City

The most special part of the High Line is how it softens the city skyline and slows down that New York minute into a long leisurely Sunday stroll. G and I grabbed some watermelon and coconut popsicles from a popsicle cart along the way and quickly scarfed them down as they tried to melt themselves away in the summer heat. As we rounded the corner we found ourselves at the base of the Vessel, and I was awestruck by this enormous sculpture. It’s almost like bee-hive meets the Matrix, and although it was closed to walk up to it (due to COVID), standing beneath its massive presence made for an impressive photo opp.

Dante’s Cocktail Bar in Soho – The Best In New York/Manhattan

As the afternoon turned to evening, we headed back to Soho to hit up a true iconic spot – Dante’s. This cocktail bar is one of THE BEST bars in Manhattan, and maybe even the world. Gavin opted for the Bloody Mary which was exceptional. Made from freshly pressed tomato and celery juice, the bartender topped it off with freshly grated horseradish for that extra nose-burning kick. I opted for a refreshingly delightful watermelon spritz that paired well with my earlier watermelon popsicle. Watermelon was hitting the spot that day I guess.

Why is SoHo NYC famous?

Sitting at the bar was the best experience as we watched the suspender-clad bartenders go to work making all their famous drinks. We had also worked up a bit of an appetite so we ordered the burrata to share and OMG was it oh so delicious. The best, creamiest, and freshest burrata we both have ever had!

Dining In Soho Manhattan & The Perfect Topper To Our Amazing Day

Later that evening we headed for dinner at Veranda. This restaurant is located in the ModernHaus hotel and has a pleasant indoor-outdoor garden design that way positively delightful. Already on our way (on the drinking train) we continued on. At our waitress’ recommendation, I ordered the froze and G got a spicy skinny marg. Both drinks were on point, but the word of caution my drink was much stronger than it led on lol. It packed a punch and was not for the faint of heart. Thank goodness they gave us a copious amount of their sinfully delicious fresh streamy hot baked artisan sough dough with butter and sea salt. It balanced out my buzz and was some of the best fresh bread I have ever had. I know it seems silly but it was the most memorable part of the meal, and I mean that as a compliment. The entrees were wonderful too! Gavin order the Dry Aged Beef and I opted for the less carnivorous Cauliflower Steak. Yum!

What does SoHo stand for in New York City?
soho nyc

Following dinner, fully liquored up and in a food coma, we made it to the elevator and into our bed, thank goodness we hadn’t ventured out any farther! 

The next morning up bright and early, we popped some Advil and headed for the airport. Our brief little blip of a trip to NYC was coming to a close and we were ready to sleep it all off on our JetBlue Mint flight back to LA. Until next time New York, New York! I’ll always have a spot in my heart and tummy for you. Mwah!

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