Praise the Pineapple!



Pineapple Collage


Pineapple is so very sweet and juicy it may be hard to think of it as a super nutritious food, but in fact it’s packed with many good-for-you nutrients! Pineapple weighs in with over 100% of your DRI (daily recommended intake) for vitamin C, a key antioxidant for immune support. It also has a healthy dose of vitamins B-1 and B-6, both which play an important role in helping the body produce/convert energy.

Pineapple is a particularly good source of manganese, a trace mineral we do not hear much about very often! Our bodies do not need very much, but it is extremely important to support bone production, collagen formation, as well as blood sugar control. Copper is another mineral that pineapple supplies, which is important for bone and tissue integrity (supports collagen production as well) and is a component in the enzyme antioxidant SOD (Lou Gehrig’s disease is thought to be due to underfunctioning SOD).

So whip up some pina coladas on me (heavy on the pineapple and light on the booze)! (You ALL know by now I love coconut as well :))

You can read a great article on pineapple by HERE.



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