The Story Behind Beauty and The Brit

First, I’d like to introduce ourselves. I’m Kelley Nicole Anderson, [former] single mama of Hunter, owner and lead designer of Art Botanica Moss, lover of nature, hiking, animals, art, food, and travel. Gavin Alexander Brodin, my fiance, is a father of 2 boys, Benji and Ryley Cole, and principal at Brodin Design Build, a luxury design firm. Gavin enjoys hiking, playing with his Savannah cats, and collecting favorite vintages of Pinot Noir. Together we recently launched two more ventures- Beauty and the Brit, and Alexander Nicole Sculptures.

Beauty and the Brit is about creating your “designed life.” We are here to say “whatever you dream, is a possibility,” and we know it because that is how we have arrived here today. We live in the world of possibility. Gavin and I have had “other” lives prior to us finding one another, that although they were always filled with blessings such as our children, we also had a great deal of challenges and what most people call reality. You know- the “that’s just life…” or “those dreams aren’t realistic,” “it may not be in the cards for you” type of theme. You know what I’m talking about, right? We both struggled to find the life partner we yearned for, and faced an uphill battle of the neverending workload that often faces art and design entrepreneurs. Being a single mom, and a single dad also had their own unique struggles, and even though we dealt with them the best way we could, we both envisioned something more. We wanted a partner to share our dreams with, to share our family with, someone to experience the world with, and someone to not just grow old with but to “love old.’ We both did the inner personal work, the nitty gritty work it takes to move beyond your self-limiting beliefs, and at some point along our individual journeys we called in one another. Once we met and realized the level of synergy and how we inspire and elevate one another, we knew it was game on!

Life is always a practice, and we are constantly fine-tuning and exploring new ways to take it to the next level. We seek out things we are inspired by- global travel to unique undiscovered places where we are inspired by new cultures, flavors, and topographies. We seek out new friends, community, and connections, because we believe relationships are one of the magic keys to unlocking a designed life. We seek out new possibilities in our careers, merging our experiences and creative flows to see what next venture we can imagine and bring to fruition. We live in a world of potentiality, not limitations….Living life like THIS is SO MUCH FUN and SO HEART-OPENING! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So welcome to the journey, and thank you for coming along. We are here to inspire you and show you what is possible and share with you the tools that have gotten us here, and all the beauty we see along the way. We are truly committed to your unique journey and supporting you in creating your very own designed life! 

xx K+G