CDMX: Museums And Pujol Omakase Tacos

Mexico City

Gavin, the #highvibecrew, and I recently returned from a whirlwind weekend in Mexico City, a beautiful blur of art, food, and culture! I was blown away by this gorgeous gem of a city. We made sure to hit up all the hot spots such as Museo Jumex and Kurimanzutto for contemporary art, and Pujol for the internationally acclaimed Omakase Taco experience. We left CDMX with our bellies full, our minds churning with creativity, and our hearts shining in love with Mexico City.

Our first stop in CDMX the evening we arrived was at our hotel Condesa df, located in the chic and hip La Condesa neighborhood. This 1928 hotel had an unforgettable vibe from the bright colors to the historic architectural facade. The traditional white stone exterior playfully contrasted with the simple modern design aesthetic of the interior. The lobby was drenched in an ultra saturated teal green, accented with natural leather and wood woven chairs, triggering memories of my earlier years in NYC when I lived in Soho. The suite was super simple, yet lux, with the it’s crowning glory being the sprawling balcony set amongst the treetops. Which I must mention now- one of the most fascinating things about CDMX was ALL THE TREES! For such a dense and populated city, Mexico City is literally a forest, with trees everywhere. It really blew me away- thinking how all these trees were planned and planted many many years ago, and what an energetic and physical implication they have. Mexico may be ahead of the US in this regard..?


After we settled into our hotel we headed out to meet the #highvibecrew (our travel contention of friends) at Catamundi Wine Bar. The food here was delicious and the wine selection easily rivaled notable sommelier spots in CA. Gavin loved Pinot Noir, so he was in heaven with the wine list! Everything we ordered was phenomenal, but the star was the soft shell crab tacos. Encrusted in a light and crisp charcoal batter, the crab literally melted in your mouth with a complex flavor explosion- a little salty, and savory with a hint of sweet to balance it out.  We were serenaded by the smooth sounds of street musicians to lull us fully into a food coma by the end of the evening. (Insider tip: ask for a seat in the back garden bar- that’s the cutest spot)

The next morning we rose early to sounds of birds chirping on our city balcony, as the sun began trickling in through our wispy linen curtains. We woke early to ensure we had ample time to make it to each and every one of our planned destinations. We had a quick bite and on-point robust cappuccino in the Condesa df restaurant. Fueled on haverous rancheros and caffeine, we set off to our first art destinations- Kurimanzutto and Museo Jumex. I’ll let the art do the talking:

Mexico City

Following the morning art immersion we set out for a late lunch at Pujol. When I say “lunch” I mean this lightly- Pujol’s Omakase tacos were full-on culinary immersions into a new world of flavor experiences. And it was one of the BEST meals I have had in my 40 years on this earth. I love food much in the way I love art. I love the presentation, the colors and the sensory experience. I love the emotions and excitement that arises. They both had the ability to ground me in the present moment- which is a healing experience all in itself. Culinary arts is a form of art, and if you love both as much as I do make a reservation at Pujol! (Insider tip: reservations here fill up fast. Book early, and new spots open daily on Opentable so refresh often if you are having trouble securing a spot!)

Our final morning in CDMX we decided on a leisurely Sunday brunch at Contramar. This seafood-heavy spot is the place to be and be seen for brunch. We noshed on oysters, ceviche, and a whole roasted fish large enough to feed everyone all on its own. (Insider tip: Even if you can’t get a reservation, if you show ups when they open at 11am, you will very likely score a table.)

If reading this is making your mouth salivate and your creative juices flow, then you are meant to visit CDMX, one of my favorite cities for culture, gastronomy, art and design!


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