Kelley and Cricket Pledge to Support the ASPCA

I am so excited to share my New Year’s Resolution with all of you!¬†Kelley and Cricket pledge 10% of all our blog proceeds to the ASPCA!

I am an avid animal lover, always have been, always will be. Animals hold a special place in my heart and are treated like family members in my home. My dog Cricket was the inspiration behind this blog. We spend so much time together and she is always by my side in the kitchen as I cook away.

This year I’d like to give back to all the animals in need out there, who aren’t as blessed as Cricket. I have worked with the ASPCA in the past and they are truly an amazing organization. They need donations to provide shelter, veterinary care, and food to pets they have rescued from homelessness or from inadequate conditions. They had an amazing year in 2015:

ASPCA 2015-highlights-infographic

Let’s help them to continue to build upon these amazing number and save even more animals this year!

With deep gratitude for your support,

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