Kale VS Spinach: The Super Greens Duke it OUT!




Kale has been celebrated as the ultimate green in recent years. This is the  go-to green superfood that EVERYONE should be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and in your shakes, green juice, and on and on!) It deserves the spotlight for its nutrients for sure, but what happened to the OTHER green? You know, the one that was swallowed by the can-full by Popeye (the cartoon…anyone?)? YES SPINACH! Old fashioned spinach is a super green too! I think it’s best to incorporate both kale and spinach in your diet. A wide variety of different whole foods will yield  the best array of  vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients for the healthiest and best balanced diet!

Here is how kale and spinach measure up to one another:

Calcium       14%         10% (promotes bone health)

Iron                9%         15% (more energy via oxygenating the blood)

Magnesium  11%         25% (metabolism, aids in muscle relaxation and neuromuscular transmission)

Potassium    10%         12% (builds muscle, synthesizes proteins, ensures healthy cell function)

Vitamin C     160%       37% (immune support

Vitamin A      659%     401% (bone growth, supports healthy vision and immune system)

Vitamin K      907%     537% (regulates blood clotting, assists in transporting calcium)


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Spinach vs kale Collage


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