Easy Holiday DIY Decor: With Stuff You Already Have Around the House!


XMas Hacks Cranberries1

Is your house fully decked out for the holidays, now just a week away!?

If not, no need to worry, because I have some super simple DIY hacks to make your home holiday-ready in no time flat. Best yet- these can all be done with stuff you already have laying around your home!

1.Fill some ball jars and other glass vessels with a handful of cranberries and water. Grab a few sprigs of evergreen in you backyard and voila- a beautiful centerpiece!

Xmas Hacks Napkin Ring2

2. I’m sure you have some empty wrapping paper tubes (or paper towel tube) around your home, right? Cut the tube into 1 1/2″ rounds, wrap with yarn or ribbon and glue on a few evergreen springs and berries from the yard to make a beautiful napkin holder.

XMas Hacks Pot1

3. To make your home smell as wonderful as it will look fill a large pot with cinnamon stick, citrus fruit and evergreen springs and let it simmer away on the stove top. Added bonus- it will keep the air from being too dry!

XMas Hacks Pine Cones

4. Grab extra pinecones while your outside and paint them with that extra paint you have sitting in the garage. Add sparkle if you have it and plop them in a large bowl-beautiful!

XMas Hacks Popcorn String1

5. Pop a bag of microwave popcorn, grab some extra cranberries and a needle and thread and make your very own vintage garland. Your tree will feel so special!

Xmas Hacks1

6. Wake up your old globe ornaments by filling them with something- such as glitter, old tinsel, sea glass, etc. The lights on the tree will make your “new” ornaments sparkle!

NOW you are ready to celebrate in style! Happy Holidays!

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