Creating a Work from Home Space: Zoom Room

Raise your hand if you have ZOOM-ed lately? Yes, me too, it for sure is one of the things that has seen tremendous growth during this COVID pandemic. And since we are all spending so much time on ZOOM these days- for work, for special personal events like birthdays and showers, and to visit with our family and friends, it makes sense to invest in our ZOOM Room! (Yes, that also includes your work from home space)

When we choose to invest our energy, time, and attention into something, we are breathing life into it, literally. Where your focus goes, the manifestations will follow. Although we make it very complex, at the core, it is really that simple.

Take a moment to think about all these ZOOM meetings and gatherings happening right now. Do you take them time to think about the deep connection we are desperately trying to create and keep going in our relationships during these very isolating times? The online meetings are literally our lifeline to others. Humans need connection to survive and thrive!

This brings me back to the ZOOM ROOM, and the importance of the space, and the intentions we set. We have the power to create deeper meaning and connection simply by creating and making the space!

Having an organized, beautiful, and comfortable space allows us to really drop in and connect to the others on the screen. We will slow down and take more time to be with them in these moments because creating the space is also setting the intention for connection!

Here are some elements I feel are key to connected ZOOM room:

  1. Comfortable seating
  2. A desk that is organized and maybe a small light meant for online meetings
  3. Have some flowers or a plant (My MOSS ART is a great plant backdrop solution)
  4. Have a beautiful backdrop behind you that the person on the other side can enjoy- maybe a preserved moss art or a beautiful painting or picture. It should be something more abstract as to not distract from the conversation.
  5. A journal so you can write down your intentions and goals before the meeting/ get to together, and so you can write down how you feel after it concludes, and any action items you may need to follow up on.

If you are looking for a little plant power for your work from home ZOOM space, and you want a worry-free solution check out my moss art at ART BOTANICA MOSS. USE CODE MOSS10 for 10% of your first order.

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