Importance of Creating a Sacred Space

Sacred Space

Feeling at peace, safe, and connected is one of the most important things in life, and we have full control over the ways we can support ourselves in reaching these emotional goals. One, often overlooked, but easy to do thing we can do is create a sacred space in our home.

My sacred space is in the garden, surrounded by lush bougenvilla, romantic cafe string lights, a buddha statue and a comfy swinging egg chair. When I visit and spend time here I notice my body shifts energy the moment I arrive. 

The beauty I created through my mindful decorating process resonated deep in my heart and soul. The things I placed carefully have special meaning and remind me of the things that matter most. 

The Buddah, for example, always reminds me “peace is found within,” and the flowers help me recall that connecting to nature and to oneself is the most important tool to tap into.

The cute and oh-so-comfy chair is soothing as it swings, and the motion calms my nerves, and brings up a child-like joy.

When I am having a challenging day simply visiting this place for a few moments and checking in with me in the present moment is sometimes all I need to turn things around, gain perspective, and boost my mood.

Sacred places actually are “charged” with good energy from the positive energy we’ve put into them through our own creation process. We infuse these spots with our positive vibes, and in return they refuel us when we are depleted. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

Being a big proponent of the healing benefits of nature I always incorporate plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, one of my lush preserved moss art pieces can do the trick just the same! Greenery is calming and connective for all, because we all come from nature. (CHECK OUT MY MOSS ART HERE).

Other elements to include are any trinkets, or other memory-producing objects that open your heart and bring up good feelings. Make your space beautiful and unique. It should feel like your space, and it should feel like home.

Sacred Space:

  1. Pick a spot that can be yours, and you can be alone
  2. Make it beautiful with plants, moss art, objects with special meaning
  3. Make it comfortable- maybe a bright colorful cushion or chair
  4. Add pictures, or any other reminders of joyful memories.
  5. Visit it often to charge the space, and allow it to bring you peace and happiness

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