Calling in the One — Intimate Relationship Manifestation

A dear friend of mine shared this simple, yet powerful, exercise with me 2 years ago and it literally changed the entire trajectory of my life.

At the time I was a single mama, working like crazy, trying to keep afloat. I had a comfortable life- a cute little apartment, a great group of like-minded friends, and a budding art career, but my life was tough. I was doing everythingggggg and I was tired and lonely. Sometimes I would long for a romantic partner to share my life with, but I didn’t do well there too much because a part of me was resolved that it may not happen that way for me. I thought I was dealt a different set of cards.

It wasn’t until I had had a conversation with my friend that things changed for me. She started asking me questions- Why do you feel you don’t deserve the partner of your dreams? Why do you feel you have to settle for singledom if that’s not what you want to create?  She then made a very valid point that struck me right in the gut. She said: “So, you created your art career, based on nothing, other than the fact you believed in it, and you kept setting your intentions and your thoughts on the Universal belief that ‘anything is possible’ and you kept strong in that mindset no matter what others around you were saying, right? So if you could create something out of nothing with your art career, why do you believe it’s any different with attracting a partner?”

She was right. Why was I picking and choosing what I thought my manifesting powers had control over? And what did I really want? 

She told me to do 2 writing exercises to set my intentions for attracting a romantic partner, and I’ll share these below. I diligently did the exercises, and read them daily following my morning meditation and gratitude practice.

Fast forward roughly 8 months later and I received an email in my inbox stating I had “matched” with a guy on a small local dating platform I had signed up for 3 YEARS AGO! (And at this time I was not on any dating apps/sites/etc…) So get this- I hadn’t gotten one match or any communication from this service in those 3 years. Nada! I had completely forgotten about it, and when this email came in I thought it was spam and I actually deleted it first without opening it. My intuition kicked in quickly and called me back to find that email in my trash folder and open it. 

And the rest is history. My present day fiance is the handsome, loving, passionate, generous, and dedicated man who was in that email. When I read back over my manifestation writings that my friend had given to me I realize that EVERY quality I put in there is embodied in my fiance. He is THAT guy I wrote about and longed for. And the only thing that was holding me back from meeting him was MYSELF!

Steps to Call In the One

    Sit in stillness for 5 to 10 minutes to ask the universe for guidance. Simply breathe deeply and say: “Where will you have me go? What will you have me do? What will you have me say? and to whom? I ask for guidance and am ready to receive.”
    Next, get out a pen and paper and write down EVERY SIGNLE DETAIL of what your ideal partner looks like. And I just don’t mean the physical, but be sure to include that as well. How does this personal treat you? What actions do they take? What values do they have? How do they view the world? What are their interests? How do they touch you? What do you see in their eyes? and so on. Write down everything and you can always go back and add more if needed. The goal is to make it emotional moving. When you read this journal entry in the future you should feel emotions- butterflies in the tummy, excitement, joy…
    Now integrate this into your daily practice. Meditate and ask for guidance, then read you “The One” journal entry, then close your eyes and feel what this person feel like, what it feels like to be with them, and then call them in.

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