Benefits of Grass-Fed Butter

Grass Fed Butter Collage

You may have read my recent post about the benefits of pasture-raised (aka grass-fed) beef, but if you happened to miss it you can read it HERE. The same principals apply to dairy cattle, as they do beef cattle- what they produce (butter, milk, or meat) is of better quality and better for us and our health if they are raised on grass as compared to conventional grain fed animals.

Being a compassionate proponent of animal welfare, I also support grass-fed products to help ensure the animal’s wellbeing and quality of life. Look at the labels of the butter in your grocery store, and if it is grass-fed it will say “grass-fed” or something similar. I use the Kerrygold brand which I can find at my local grocery store, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. Make the switch today for your health and for the exceptional taste!



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